Biology of Wolbachia (2008)

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Biology of Wolbachia (2008)

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J.H. Werren & al., 2008: Wolbachia: master manipulators of invertebrate biology. PDF

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J.H. Werren & al., 2008 ha scritto:Wolbachia are a diverse group of intracellular bacteria that show impressive adaptations towards living in invertebrate cells and in manipulating the biology of their hosts. Considerable progress has been made in the past 10 years to elucidate their biology. There has also been growth in the Wolbachia research community, particularly in the areas of genomics, cell biology and molecular biology. in addition, a number of new research tools are in place (for example, tissue culturing of Wolbachia, a multilocus strain-typing system and genome sequences). However, important questions still remain, including: how do Wolbachia manipulate host reproduction; how is the incredible abundance and distribution of Wolbachia maintained globally; can Wolbachia be effectively used in disease control; do Wolbachia have important roles in the evolution of their hosts; and, in particular, do Wolbachia accelerate the rates of speciation in invertebrates and contribute to novel gene acquisition. we are now poised for major breakthroughs that could answer these fundamental questions.

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